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Helical Design Part 1 (NCSEA 190931A)

1 Hour


NCSEA Provider Number – 230831C

Learning Objective 2:
Expansive Soil

Expansive Soil

Definition, Minerology, Expansive Soil Classification, & Design of Helical Piles in Expansive Soil


Overview & Design of Helical Piles in Corrosive Soil

Lateral Capacity

Rigid vs Flexible Pile, Lateral Capacity Determination, & Different Methods to increase lateral Capacity

Meet Your Presenter
Moncef Souissi, PH D

Civil Engineering Ph.D. from Colorado State University, provides engineering education.

Moncef Souissi, a Civil Engineer with a PhD from Colorado State University, joined Cantsink after seven years of working as an ICC building products field tester for the IAS lab. He also served as a research assistant, teaching assistant, and instructor at CSU. Fluent in three languages, he is experienced in concrete and foundation design. He has taught Soil Mechanics, Mechanics of Material, Statics and Material Testing, and published a paper on helical pile capacity. He received his B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota and his M.S. degree from CSU.
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“Excellent graphics. Great, knowledgeable presentation. Very informative and interesting!”

E. Hogan, Continuing Education attendee

“Great presentation! I learned a lot about helical pile applications.”

J. Walsh, Continuing Education attendee

“Great presentation and knowledgeable presenter.”

M. Logan

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