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Elevated Patio Secured With Cantsink Helical Piles

Case Study

Agavero Cantina Deck Uplift Resistance


Agavero Cantina in Downtown Lilburn contracted to build an upper deck and awning above its covered patio to expand its service area.

This new service area allows customers scenic views of the adjacent Greenway Trail and park. ATW Enterprises engaged Cantsink to provide the needed support to help the open-air (three sides) space resist uplift on windy days.

The space is connected to Agavero's distinctive red, double-decker bus, which provides a popular weekend dining destination for area residents.

Scope of Work

Using helical piles and bolt-on pile caps, the Cantsink crew completed the work in a single day despite encountering some rocky conditions in the subsurface.

This was critical to the contractor, who was scheduled to pour concrete the morning after the installation. Keeping the schedule was imperative because rain in the forecast would have delayed the concrete pour if any schedule interruption had occurred.

To manage the challenge of the subsurface rock, the crew used a smaller eight-inch helix successfully, keeping the installation within the given timeline.

Anchor System

Cantsink installed 16 patented Cantsink helical piers with a compressive load of 20 kips.

Two of the helical piers had eight-inch helices made necessary by the rock. The other 14 helical piers had 12-inch helices. The helical piers were attached with 16 bolt-on caps with a tension load of 10 kips.


The General Contractor was pleased with the quality of the work and the adherence to the installation schedule, which allowed construction to progress according to plan.

The helical piles and caps will provide permanent stability and sturdy resistance against uplift from strong winds.

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