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Case Study

Anytime Fitness Cleveland, GA


The owners of Anytime Fitness in Cleveland, GA, were in a panic when they contacted Cantsink in February 2020. Relentless, heavy rains prompted flooding in the area, which caused a stream diversion culvert running next to the Anytime Fitness building to collapse.

What began as a small sinkhole quickly widened into a hole 150 feet by 40 feet with an active creek running through it. County officials ordered Anytime Fitness to close until the site could be stabilized. Cantsink dispatched a third-party engineer within two hours to help the company assess the site. Palmer Construction Consultants swiftly created a plan using Cantsink underpinning piers and brackets to properly and permanently stabilize the left side of the building.

Cantsink products are uniquely designed to cope cost-effectively with saturated ground. Installation is fast and efficient to deal with urgent situations like the one Anytime Fitness faced. With the plan in place and installation ready to proceed, the owners were allowed to reopen some portions of the building for business.

Scope of Work

Even as rain continued to fall, the certified installation crew sprang into action. Since erosion from the culvert collapse had made portions of the site inaccessible to mobile machinery, the crew used a hand installation unit to place four of the underpinnings.

Soft soils also required underpinning installation to significant depths to assure permanent stability. In all, the work required two-and-a-half days to complete, but the restored stability of the building will allow for repair of the culvert without any risk of further disruption.

Anchor System

13 underpinning piers and brackets, a total of 915 feet


Cantsink products' patented design facilitated the installation crew's capacity for quick response. Ideally suited to address soft soils and wet conditions, using Cantsink underpinning piers and brackets allowed Anytime Fitness to minimize losses.

Thanks to Cantsink's unique line of patented products, Anytime Fitness in Cleveland, GA, restored its building to full use with peace of mind for the future. As extreme weather conditions create difficult circumstances in the built environment, Cantsink and its network of certified installers are focused on permanent, cost-effective solutions for stability in the "New Normal."

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