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Case Study

Atlanta Botanical Garden Special Exhibit Imaginary Worlds


For its special, limited exhibit, Imaginary Worlds, the Atlanta Botanical Garden needed to install a series of heavy, plant-laden figures that had to withstand the pressure of earth and water required for living growth yet retain their shapes without sagging or cracking.

Some portions of the structures were pre-planted before being joined to the rest of the structure. The shapes were challenging, as well, including three camels, a dragon, elephants, two storybooks, a mammoth, a Pegasus, and a phoenix.

Scope of Work

In addition to the challenges presented by the shapes of these figures and their growing plant load, installation was further challenged by the need to complete the work without disturbing the Atlanta Botanical Garden's delicate existing plant life.

Built of heavy steel with netting woven throughout the design to hold the soil for plant life, these figures require precise support to keep their allure intact through the life of the display.

In addition, installation required careful maneuvering of heavy equipment not only to avoid the plant beds, but also special barriers to redirect equipment exhaust fumes away from delicate and decorative displays.

Installation, which required about four days, had to be scheduled around the Atlanta Botanical Garden's hours of operation, so that the installation did not disrupt any of the Garden's normal activity.

Anchor System

73 helical piles total: storybooks - 13; dragon - 17; camels - 16; mammoth - 10; Pegasus - 5, and phoenix - 12

Design Load

10 kips working load; 5 kips uplift capacity each


This was one of a number of installations Cantsink has performed to ensure that the Atlanta Botanical Garden's attractions retain their character and perform as designed over time.

Having successfully completed other projects for the Garden in the past, the special requirements of this installation clearly called for Cantsink's guaranteed results.


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