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Case Study

Barber Park, Greensboro, NC


The City of Greensboro, NC, needed a new maintenance building for Barber Park, one of its premiere park facilities.

The popular recreation area for Greensboro residents includes a host of sports, activity and event spaces, including a baseball stadium, an indoor sports facility, a disc golf course, a walking trail and an event center. The site selected for the maintenance building turned out to contain poor soils as well as dumped debris.

These conditions led the project's Engineer of Record, Stewart Engineering, to specify helical pier support for the entire 98' x 60' structure.

Scope of Work

Working with Stewart Engineering, Cantsink Manufacturing designed a support system with Cantsink's patented helical piers to guarantee permanent stability to the maintenance building despite the debris and poor soils underneath it.

Before & After Group, a certified Cantsink installer, performed the work. Because of the depth required to achieve stability and surface conditions, the engineers specified Cantsink's triple helix product.

The job was completed in four days.

Anchor System

Crews from Before & After Group installed a total of 88 helical piers with 2 7/8- inch pipe shafts extending to depths beyond 20 feet below the surface in order to achieve the designated pressure readings of 28 kips.

Installation was performed with an Eskridge 5,000-pound drive head. A total of 2,782.5 feet of helical piers now support the building.


Despite the challenging conditions underneath its new maintenance building in Barber Park, the City of Greensboro is assured that the building will remain permanently stable. Because of the constant activity in the park and the multitude of uses it provides for city residents, the park maintenance supported by this building is essential to the city's ongoing quality of life.

Thanks to Cantsink's guaranteed stability, the new maintenance facility will be perpetually available to keep its maintenance equipment and supplies safe and available for use.

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