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Case Study

Center for Civil and Human Rights Water Wall


The Center for Civil and Human Rights in downtown Atlanta, one of the city's signature destinations for tourists and residents alike, installed a dramatic signature feature in front of its entrance, a Water Wall.

Designed by Washington, D.C., artist Larry Kirkland in collaboration with Fluidity Design Consultants, this feature is intended to provide a focal point for the plaza near the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coca-Cola.

The wall includes inspirational inscriptions from the Civil Rights Movement enhanced by water that perpetually cascades down the 30-foot standing planes into a pool below.

Scope of Work

The symbolic importance of this feature and its public prominence required a system that would ensure its permanent stability. So, KL&A Inc., the project's structural engineers, tapped Cantsink to provide its unseen support, a tribute to Cantsink's strong reputation for quality and performance.

The Water Wall's size and materials created a significant load and the soils beneath the plaza were poor. The location on Ivan Allen Boulevard, a busy and heavily populated area of the city, created a number of special access concerns during the installation.

Anchor System

Eight 4" diameter Cantsink pipe piles with a Triple Helix were used to achieve the service load requirements of 45 Kips. The drive head used was a 20K system by Eskridge. A total of 208 feet were installed to reach proper bearing strata.


Despite the traffic challenges, the piles were installed in four hours.

The Water Wall, debuted during the opening of the Center on Memorial Day 2014, has stood tall ever since.

Each year, the Center draws hundreds of thousands of visitors, and the plaza where the Water Wall stands is a hub for millions who visit the area's attractions and special events each year.

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