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Case Study

Del Taco, Phenix City, AL


A sewer easement behind a Phenix City, AL, location for a new Del Taco prompted engineers for the project to specify helical piers for extra stability.

The project's engineer, Wright Engineering, called for the helical piers on the rear section of the building to ensure ongoing support should any issues arise in the sewer structure.

In bidding for the job the Cantsink-certified installer agreed to perform a load test in accordance with ASTM D1143. The test was certified by the design engineer, The Foundation Firm, and installation of the production piles proceeded, monitored through Sailors Engineering Associates.

Scope of Work

Cantsink Manufacturing and its engineering staff worked with Wright Engineering and the project's General Contractor, U.S. General Construction, Inc., to design a support system consisting of four-inch Schedule 40 pipe piles for the rear half of the Del Taco.

Designers preferred the four-inch product because of its greater lateral stability.

Installation required three days following the successful conclusion of the load test.

Anchor System

During the three-day installation the Cantsink-certified installer placed 22 of its patented 4" schedule 40 pipe piles with triple 10/12/14″ patented helical piers to a specified depth, reaching 80 kips. A minimum pile depth of 25 feet was required due to the sewer line location.

Crews used a 20k Eskridge drive head to reach the designated torque readings. In all, 644 feet of underground support was placed beneath the rear of the Del Taco.


The new Del Taco at 1212 East 280 Bypass in Phenix City, AL, can operate with permanent assurance that no stability issues will occur as a result of the sewer easement below the property.

Even if future sewer maintenance should require excavation for repair, the support of Cantsink helical piers will keep the building standing firm and stable.

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