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a row of houses

Case Study

Dumont Place Townhomes Decatur, GA


Dumping of unknown soils and other materials on the land planned for a three-story Decatur townhome community created an unstable building surface below the construction. The dumped materials were intermittently placed throughout the site undermining the reliability of the underground support without reinforcement at unpredictable intervals. To ensure permanent stability throughout the development, the builder called on Cantsink for its reliable underground support system that would assure future homebuyers of lasting structural alignment. The support of Cantsink helical piles also will protect the structure from any potential effects of vibration from the busy thoroughfare nearby and any possible activity on the railroad line just to the southeast of the site.

Scope of Work

The builder's engineer specified the use of Cantsink's patented helical piles every five feet throughout the foundation. In addition, more piles were added to the design to support the porch columns, ensuring they will not settle, crack or shift away from the rest of the stabilized structure.

Anchor System

The Cantsink crew installed 119 helical piles, 2.5 inches in diameter, at depths ranging from 10.5 feet to 38.5 feet.


Buyers for these townhomes are assured of permanent stability and lasting structural quality in a residential community located in one of Metro Atlanta's most sought-after neighborhoods. While location is one of the contributing factors to home prices, lasting quality is also a necessary element. With Cantsink supporting this new construction, homeowners will have peace of mind that their investment is protected and secure.