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Case Study

E8 Energy Group Microgrid


In its design for a $40 million solar farm in coastal North Carolina, E8 Energy group encountered a daunting challenge. The project called for pads to support $2 million of specialized equipment critical to successful power production on the site. To complicate matters even further, these pads must remain level through the 25-year life cycle of the project in soft soil with the water table less than 12 inches below. Each pad supports equipment weighing 70,000 pounds. The E8 engineers and estimators reached out to Cantsink and received a response the same day. Within two days, E8 and Cantsink had agreed on a solution to permanently stabilize the equipment pads.

Scope of Work

Scheduling and tracking the installation required precise timing and expedited installation. Preparations were meticulously carried out as the Cantsink team remained in close communication with E8 at every step. Douglas R. Merrill, E8 Energy Director of EPC Construction and Operations said Cantsink's products demonstrated their quality and the company provided superb customer service at every step in the process. "In all email exchanges, conference-call interfaces and face-to-face experience, Cantsink has been the best vendor relationship I have been a part of in my 30 years of field construction," Merrill said.

Anchor System

The Cantsink crew precisely installed 20 piles 15 feet deep in less than three hours in coordination with the placement of the pads.


Even in subsequent record rainfall, the pads did not settle or move, remaining consistently, solidly level. This allows generation to proceed successfully as projected. With 30 years' experience in the foundation stability business and almost a decade of experience in the needs of the solar industry, Cantsink provides products with the certified quality to stand the test of time and site conditions, as well as the expertise to install them with precision.

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