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a house with a lot of dirt in front of it

Case Study

Foundation Settling – Residential Construction, Alpharetta, GA


Notable cracks appeared in the exterior brick and concrete basement floor of a newly built home before its buyer closed on the purchase. The engineer of record for the builder recommended Cantsink for restoring lasting level alignment and stability to the sides and back of the two-story home with a basement. The location of the home on a hilltop overlooking a steep slope down to the community's detention pond, made this location especially vulnerable.

Scope of Work

A majority of the 26 underpinning assemblies were installed to support the exterior of the structure. After the builder's excavator dug down to the slab, the Cantsink team installed 2 ½" schedule 40 helical piers deep below the surface until self-verifying gauges confirmed that the support had reached solid strata (ranging from 16 feet to 38 feet). Underpinning brackets were applied to the slab. For interior locations the engineer indicated as needing support but not reachable from the exterior, the Cantsink team saw-cut the basement concrete, then augured piers into the ground and attached underpinning brackets to the slab.

Anchor System

Twenty-six underpinning assemblies, utilizing 2 ½" schedule 40 helical piers.


The home is now permanently stabilized for occupancy. The homeowners closed the sale with peace of mind, knowing that the deep foundation system supporting their beautiful new residence will stand the test of time.