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Case Study

Ft. Valley, GA, Greenhouse


Installation of a piping system with 24" pipes beneath a greenhouse at a Ft. Valley, GA, produce farm threatened to undermine the structural integrity of the building. Cantsink was called to provide remedial underpinning to preserve the building's structural integrity.

Fortunately, an installer, the Before and After Development Group headquartered in Macon, had recently completed Cantsink's two-day certification training. Before and After was available to perform the work, but Cantsink experts came to the site to assist during the installation.

Scope of Work

Working under an existing structure with pipes running below it required great care and precision. Fortunately, Cantsink's patented helical piles allow for installation with minimal disturbance to surroundings.

The installer worked around existing 24" diameter service lines and an 8" steam line six feet below grade to install eight remedial piles over the course of two days. The remedial underpinning brackets successfully transferred the building loads to the piling system, preventing any threat of settlement.

Anchor System

8 piles with underpinning brackets were installed, with an average pile depth of 37 feet. Eight-inch diameter helices were selected for use because of the limited space available from the series of 24-inch diameter pipes beneath the foundation wall.

Design Load

20 kips using an Eskridge 5,500-lb Drive Head

Soil Type

Clay and Sand


The greenhouse was successfully underpinned, restoring the structural integrity of the building that had been compromised by the subsurface pipes. The cooperation between Before and After and Cantsink demonstrates Cantsink's ongoing commitment to partnership and support for its certified installers.

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