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Case Study

Hitt Construction, Peachtree Street Hotel Lobby Renovation


At the intersection of Atlanta's busy Peachtree and 17th streets, next to the constant traffic of I-75-85 below and near Atlanta's Brookwood Amtrak Depot, Hitt Contracting enlisted a Cantsink-certified installer during its renovation of a hotel lobby.

The job site was extremely challenging, not just because traffic on a busy corridor was so close to the site but also because of the presence of a multitude of buried utility lines, including water supply, an eight-inch fire line for the building sprinkler system and electric lines.

Shear Structural provided engineering for the project.

Scope of Work

To avoid interference with surrounding buried utility lines, the helical installer requested that the General Contractor hydro-vac a nine-foot deep trench, eight inches wide, to identify the buried service lines and not disrupt the building occupants.

Once completed, modifications were made by the engineer so the installation of Cantsink's patented helical piers could proceed. They also used a maneuverable walk-behind machine to minimize disruption at the site.

Rain delayed the project briefly, but installation was accomplished in just two days despite the challenges of the site.

Anchor System

The Cantsink-certified contractor installed 19 helical piers with 2 7/8-inch Schedule 40 pipe at the site. The support system, installed with an Eskridge 5,500-pound head, achieved an ultimate load of 50 kips.

In all, the system comprises 978 linear feet with an average depth of 51 feet.


The hotel lobby renovation will remain permanently stable despite all the vibration from traffic on roads and rail lines nearby.

All work was accomplished without any disruption of the multiple utility lines on the site and without blocking traffic on Peachtree Street.

Cantsink's product versatility not only provided all the permanent stability the building requires.

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