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Case Study

Leaning Chimney Over Underground Springs – Austell, GA


Underground springs beneath the lot of an Austell, GA, home had dangerously undermined the stability of the home's chimney, causing it to pull away from the main structure by about three inches at the top. The homeowner called Cantsink to place supporting underpinning to restore the chimney to proper alignment and structural stability. Several factors complicated the installation process: 1) the extent of the chimney's instability was so advanced that the underpinning work could cause it to collapse on the work crew; 2) the underground springs kept the yard so wet, bringing in machinery for the work would damage the grass, and 3) the chimney was surrounded by a tiled patio atop six inches of concrete.

Scope of Work

To address the multiple challenges on this project, the Cantsink crew first laid plywood across the yard to protect its grass from the weight of machinery and materials. Then, the crew built a temporary brace for the chimney to stabilize it while the underpinning work was in progress. Finally, inspection showed that the chimney was placed on top of the patio concrete, meaning that the patio had to be cut before the chimney was lifted. The crew first installed the underpinning brackets and transferred the weight of the fireplace to the piles. After that step, the crew cut the concrete, allowing the chimney to be lifted independently of the rest of the patio.

Anchor System

Two piles comprising 21 feet of support installed, along with two underpinning brackets, in one day using an Eskridge 55 drive head.


With the chimney restored to permanent stability, the homeowner can now use the fireplace without worry about its safety. The restored alignment of the chimney also protects the value of the home and improves its appearance. Cantsink accomplished its mission with minimal disruption to the yard and the surrounding patio, overcoming numerous challenges with ingenuity and extra care.


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