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Case Study

Mt. Paran Road Gate Pillars


The heavy brick gate posts at the entrance to this elegant north Atlanta home were misaligned, causing the left gate to hover six inches above the right gate. The homeowner called Cantsink to restore the gate to alignment. Additionally, as the work commenced, the Cantsink installer discovered that the left gate post had never been properly aligned with the right gate post, resulting in a mismatched gate closing even after the post was leveled. The positioning of the gate so close to a busy road also complicated the logistics of the installation, including the need to minimize and contain runoff from the site as the work was being performed.

Scope of Work

What seemed at first like a fairly routine remedy for the mismatched gate turned out to require considerably more adjustment. Once the left gate post was leveled, the Cantsink installer realized the left gate, once six inches above the right gate, was now four inches below the right gate. The posts had never been properly coordinated and the gate had simply been hung to fit the mismatched posts. This meant that the Cantsink installer had to adjust the underpinning brackets a second time to ensure that both the left and right sides of the gate would hang straight at a matched level. In addition, rainy conditions during the installation required extra caution to minimize earth disturbance that might have caused excessive muddy runoff. Cantsink's extra precautions precluded runoff problems so the job could be completed in one day without interruption.

Anchor System

Three piers with underpinning brackets - 21 feet total

Design Loads


Soil Type



In a single, damp day, Cantsink experts installed and adjusted underpinning brackets to bring the gate into alignment and ensure it will remain permanently stable and level. Their extra attention to detail kept the work on track next to a busy street and prevented unnecessary runoff during the process.


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