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Case Study

New Construction on lot previously used as Detention Pond – Townhome Community, Alpharetta, GA


A portion of land previously set aside for a construction site detention pond was repurposed as a site for additional townhomes in the development. Because of the site's use as a detention pond earlier, construction of the townhomes had to be preceded by permanent stabilization under the foundation. Saturation ran deep under the site, requiring extensive underground pier support to reach stable strata far below.

Scope of Work

After the foundation was excavated, the engineering team specified helical piers placed five feet on center within the forms. These piers were topped with new construction brackets that would be completely encased in concrete as the foundation was poured. The extent of saturation from the detention pond had softened soil deep below the surface, requiring 70 feet of helical support before reaching stable substrata in some places.

Anchor System

79 2.5-inch schedule 40 helical piers topped with new construction brackets.


With Cantsink's patented helical piers embedded deep into solid substrata below the foundation, this townhome constellation is assured of permanent stability. Homeowners in this community will have long-term peace of mind, knowing that their homes will retain their beauty, utility and value for generations to come. Cantsink also protects the builder's reputation for quality and reliability with positive word-of-mouth from happy homebuyers.


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