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Case Study

Oakwood, GA, Home Pool, Lakefront Property


This new lakefront home on Lake Lanier included a private pool and spa for home use. Because of the infrastructure, concrete and water when filled, pools are heavy and impose a lot of weight on the soil under and surrounding them.

This makes pools prone to sinking unless they have proper underground support. Without that support, the uneven settling, pressure and sinking can cause cracks, leaks and water quality issues over time. Land near bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, ocean or streams, tends to be particularly soft and prone to settlement issues.

Construction in these areas often needs the kind of extra support Cantsink's patented helical piers provide to ensure lasting alignment despite soft soils and unpredictable weather conditions.

Scope of Work

The weight of the home's pool, spa and surrounding waterfall feature needed the lasting stability of patented Cantsink piles to keep them perpetually level and stable.

Cantsink helical piles installed quickly and easily, boring deep underground to immobile substrata to provide guaranteed, ongoing structural support. Virtually invisible once installed, Cantsink piles protect the value of lakefront properties like this one for decades of enjoyment and maximum resale potential.

Anchor System

16 piles with 12" helix; 171.5 feet of piling total

Design Load

22 Kips


Three piles included in the original design were deleted after installers encountered shallow rock under the deep end of the pool. When the installers encountered the rock, an amended design accounting for that discovery provided the necessary support of Cantsink helical piles under other areas of the pool, spa and waterfall.

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