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Savannah, Georgia

Case Study

Ogletree Design House, Savannah, GA


The soft coastal soils in Savannah presented a special challenge to a residential homebuilder. Soil borings showed a need for helicals at a depth of 26 feet in order to achieve stability on the marshy lot. Referral from a previous satisfied residential builder prompted the builder to call Cantsink Florida representative Rick Pashman at 772-713-7448 to provide house drawings. Using the drawings, The Foundation Firm drew up a plan for 91 helical piers throughout the footprint of the construction. Cantsink was able to offer a turnkey solution by providing the required engineered pile plan and installing the helicals produced by the manufacturer Cantsink Manufacturing.

Scope of Work

Location of the house in a high-end gated community called for the utmost attention to detail. Total installation placed 2,300 feet of piers in the new construction footings now ready for steel and concrete. Work required an operator, three crew members and about 12 hours to complete.

Piling System

91 helical piers installed to a depth of 26 feet. The pile design of 2 7/8" diameter with a 16" helix was key to achieving the depths and therefore being more cost effective.

Design Loads

25 Kips per pile as designed by the Foundation Firm to fully support the new residence.


Builder was very pleased with the resulting foundation permanence and the quality of the work.

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