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Case Study

Reynolds Nature Preserve


Reynolds Nature Preserve in Clayton County is a 146-acre natural woodland preserve with several historic structures. The bulk of the property was given to the county by William Huie Reynolds in 1976 as a public resource for appreciation and enjoyment of nature's undisturbed beauty.

In addition to the historic sites, the preserve includes ponds, streams and four miles of hiking trails as well as an interpretive center with information on its flora and fauna. The wooden piers supporting the old dock were failing and required replacement with a more secure structure.

Scope of Work

Cantsink was engaged by Integrated Construction and Nobility to provide permanent support with its patented helical piers below the pond's bottom to make the new dock stable for decades in the future. Access to the work site in a heavily wooded area was difficult and the installation required inserting piers into the pond bed underwater.

Job materials were transported a quarter of a mile to the job site on a skid steer from the unloading location on a pedestrian walkway, carefully maneuvering around trees through the forested expanse.

Once on-site, the crew used an extra-long boom to reach out into the water from the shoreline to insert the steel helical piers. Using a john boat in the water, other crew members helped ensure the precise placement of each helical pier. Extra care was required to ensure the safety of the workers in the challenging conditions.

Anchor System

16 new construction piles, timber brackets and tension brackets; a total of 336 feet of helical pier support installed at 1,500 psi with an Eskridge 55 drive head in a single day under challenging conditions.


The new dock is permanently stabilized for public use. It will be a resource for decades to come thanks to the ingenuity and versatility that come with Cantsink's 30 years' experience in the structural stability business.

The Reynolds Nature Preserve is a beloved resource in the Clayton County Parks System, dedicated to appreciation of the region's natural beauty and stewardship of its native habitat. This nature preserve is part of a plan to preserve more than 300 continuous acres in the suburban counties south of Atlanta.