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a fountain in a park

Case Study

Tanner Medical Center – Carrollton, Ga. Tranquility Pool


The recent property expansion of Tanner Medical Center in Carrollton, Ga., included the construction of a 250-foot tranquility pool. The picturesque pool features fountains and two small bridges, and has water being pumped to the upper section to promote continuous water flow. Poor soil conditions prevented typical pool construction by Boscoe's Pools and Renovations, so Cantsink was called in to provide foundation support. The soft soils magnified the need for a stable foundation to prevent differential settlement due to the pool's size.

Scope of Work

For this unique project, helical piles were the best solution for deep foundation support to prevent settlement. Initially, an anticipated bid depth of 35 feet was requested, but the actual pile installation dictated that an average depth of 47 feet was needed to meet the design load requirements with a safety factor of 2 being applied.

Anchor System

Cantsink installed its ICC-certified 2.5-inch pipe piles using a 7K drive head mounted on a skid steer machine. The project required a load capacity ranging from 40 to 50 Kips, depending upon the pile location within the site.


All 69 piles were installed in three days and adequately transferred the tranquility pool loads to dense soils for a permanent support system.

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