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Case Study

West Ridge Church – Dallas, GA – Building Expansion Foundation Support


Cantsink was initially contacted by A.D.E. Builders who requested an estimate to supply and install helical piles for new foundations being constructed for West Ridge Church in Dallas, Georgia. Due to an existing basement retaining wall for the church being in close proximity to one of the column lines of new foundations, concerns arose that the new foundations would exert load onto the existing wall from the new foundations in which it may not have been designed to handle. In an effort to avoid costly delays of having to remove excessive amounts of soils to lower the new foundations to as much as 10 feet, we designed 32 helical piles to transfer the load down past the existing retaining walls foundation. This solution eliminated the extra excavation work and concrete thus reducing costs and saving time.

Scope of Work

Cantsink was given the design loads and drew up the schematics to supply and install the 32 helical piles utilizing the standard 2.875" outside diameter schedule 40 pipe piles with a single 12-inch diameter helix configuration. Working under a fierce time constraint Cantsink was able to install the helical piles within a week of authorization. The pile depths to refusal ratio ranged from 21 feet to 49 feet below bottom of footing bearing elevation and because the foundations were to be poured, the project was able to proceed without delay. Significant costs of materials and time were saved by installing helical piles in lieu of lowering the new foundations which was the contractor's initial solution.

Anchor System

The helical pile installation was successfully completed in two days and was monitored by a special inspector which recorded absolutely no discrepancies. Bolt-on top plate connections were installed followed by reinforcing steel and concrete as planned. The general contractor was able to maintain schedule and proceed on with the project. We installed our very own ICC code compliant piles which we manufacture at our state-of-the-art net zero energy usage facility in Winder, Georgia.


Cantsink helical piles were the best choice for foundation support at West Ridge Church because:

  1. Cantsink's patented helical pile system was more cost effective than over-excavation which would generate significant spoil volume and involve sloping back 10' deep excavations.
  2. The helical pile solution allowed the Contractor to accelerate his schedule due to the fast installation.
  3. Cantsink assisted the structural engineer and worked as a team to design the precise type and sizes of piles needed on demand which met the time constraint associated with the project.

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