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Helical Piles, Piers, and Anchors: The Same, but Different

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Helical Piles, Piers, and Anchors: The Same, but Different

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The ability of any structure to remain standing―whether a backyard shed or the Empire State Building― depends upon the strength of its foundation. When the base of a building is compromised, the walls will come tumbling down.

When you hear the term foundation anchor, think tie-back (guy wire or tension rod). Anchors are similar to piles; they’re driven into the soil, but are more specific to tension loads to mitigate situations of uplift or collapsing walls (retaining walls or basement walls falling either away or into the structure).

 While our helical piles, piers and anchors are all utilized for foundation stabilization , the differences between them makes a ton of difference in their use.

Piers are typically made of concrete, and like piles and anchors, are embedded into soil that has a firm strata, such as bedrock. They protrude upward from the soil, and are used primarily for smaller applications, such as single homes, detached garages, and sheds―more to bear the load of the supported structure than to anchor it, stabilize it, or to fend off uplift tension.

Piles, on the other hand, are made of metal, and often resemble huge screws. They are driven deep into the soil to find sufficient support below unstable substrate, and act to hold up the structure as well as to stabilize it. They are intended for greater loads, such as multistory buildings and bridges, but they can be, and often are, used for any size structure that sits in soil prone to settlement or subsidence, or structures subject to uplift tension.

At Cantsink, our patented helical piles provide unmatched foundation stabilization. They are ICC-certified and are easily installed with basic skid steer and excavator equipment you’ve probably got on-site, which means you’ll get the job done without compromising your deadline. As a foundation stabilization solution, our helical piles, piers, and anchors bring your project―commercial or residential―into the 21st century.

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