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How Cantsink Helical Piers Make Projects Better

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How Cantsink Helical Piers Make Projects Better

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Whether you’re building a brand-new home, repairing the foundation of an existing building, or taking on any construction project where you need maximum support, helical piers are a great option. Helical piers, also referred to as helical piles, are one of the best tools for stabilizing foundations and providing reliable structural support. Helical piers deliver superior results compared to other foundation repair and support methods. Using a high-quality steel pier, like those made by Cantsink, can give you priceless peace of mind when it comes to the longevity of your work. Cantsink helical piers are used in construction applications such as:

-New residential or commercial buildings
-Remedial foundation support
-Pool support
-Utility pole support
-Home elevation/foundation raising
-Tieback support
-On-ground solar and utility support
-Foundation support in extreme terrain

Instead of spending your precious time and resources on foundation support or foundation repair solutions that may or may not stand the test of time, trust the power of helical piers instead. These steel shafts feature helical blades that reach into competent soils, providing the most secure grip for any structure. With the quality helical piers from Cantsink, you can rest assure that your clients aren’t going to come to you in another year or two complaining that their building’s foundation is sinking or cracking.

The installation of helical piers is a simple and straightforward process that requires minimal use of heavy equipment. These piers can be installed in tight spaces, and the arrangement and design of helical piers can be customized to meet individual project needs.

Helical piers are one of your greatest assets for ensuring structural integrity for both new and remedial construction jobs. The engineers at Cantsink will work with you to design the exact helical piers you require, all manufactured in Georgia from 100% American-made steel. Our products are ICC certified and come from our net-zero-emissions facility.

Reach out to learn more about Cantsink’s products and our programs for industry experts and installer certification.