How Cantsink Stands Against the Competition

If you’re a contractor or work in the foundation repair industry, you want to deliver your best possible workmanship on every project. It’s vital your clients trust the quality of your work and that you ensure the foundations and buildings you construct will stand the test of time. This is why choosing a reputable helical pier manufacturer is essential. There are several companies here in the U.S. that make helical piers, so how do you choose which is best for your projects?

The first thing to consider is the design. Some companies provide only one style of pier, such as a round or square shaft. And many companies use a standard flat plate steel helix, which is not as strong as the corrugated helix that we use at Cantsink.

Second, determine whether the piles are customizable. Often you may be limited to a few standard sizes, which may or may not work for your project. Cantsink is one of the only manufacturers that provides custom helical pile designs for its clients, and we can create the ideal piers for your needs.

Third, look at the materials and manufacturing process. Many companies import steel or other alloys from overseas, while Cantsink uses only 100% American-made steel. And unfortunately, the manufacturing of helical piles can be dirty and resource intensive, and many plants produce a great deal of carbon emissions. At Cantsink, we are focused on sustainability and run a net-zero energy operation with solar power for both our company headquarters and manufacturing facility.

Fourth, consider whether training or certification is provided around the proper installation of the helical piles. Most foundation pier companies don’t offer specialized training or give much direction on how to best use their products. However, when you find a company that does, like Cantsink, you can feel confident knowing you are making the most of this incredible technology.

Other factors to consider when choosing a helical pile manufacturer include quality-control measures, customer service, and pricing, and we’re sure you’ll find that Cantsink beats the competition in these areas as well!

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