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How Helical Piles Support the Utility Industry

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How Helical Piles Support the Utility Industry

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Helical piles have a wide range of applications, from residential and commercial foundations to pools, solar arrays, utility lines, and much more. Over the past decade, the utility industry has embraced the use of helical piles for building new utility supports as well as reinforcing established ones. Electricity is an integral part of our day-to-day lives, so protecting those power lines is a job worth investing in. And that’s why helical piles are essential.

There are several factors that make utility construction more complex than other jobs. First, the equipment comes with high voltage and a higher danger. Second, the poles, lines, and wires are outside, exposed to the elements. And third, utility lines often must be moved or rerouted due to construction or zoning changes. Because of these unique challenges, only the best support products will do.

Here are a few reasons why helical piles are the perfect fit for the utility industry:

Instant load bearing- Concrete piers are a common choice, but they are heavy and take a long time to cure. Helical piles offer instant results, ready to bear weight as soon as they’re installed. This allows for faster completion of utility projects.

Lightweight and movable- Cantsink helical piles are made from 100% steel and are simple to install and remove. This can save time, fuel costs, and labor.

Vibration resistance- Whether used to support wind turbines or utility lines, helical piles won’t be shaken by the vibration of the wind. No matter the weather, these piles will stay put, even under great mechanical stress.

Versatile installation- Helical piles can be installed in tight spaces and in any kind of weather, with no tedious digging needed. They’re the ideal solution for valuable power lines, solar arrays, wind turbines, or other utilities that require timeliness and accuracy.

For utility poles, solar setups, and similar applications, there is simply nothing that beats helical piles. Want to learn more about how helical piles can support your utility project? Contact Cantsink today!