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How to Tell When Your Concrete Foundation Needs Repair

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How to Tell When Your Concrete Foundation Needs Repair

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When concrete foundations develop large cracks and other signs of misalignment appear in floors, drywall, windows and doors, homeowners should seek remedies to prevent further deterioration. It’s time to call Cantsink when your foundation needs repair.

  Foundation cracks wide enough to allow water to seep through are a clear sign of pending distress. Water intrusion not only erodes existing cracks, but can make unseen weaknesses worse, further undermining a home’s foundation.

  Other signs that a concrete foundation is unstable include eroded ground under the foundation or visible gaps between the foundation and the ground. Depressions or sinkholes under the home and discernible differences in ground height between one side of the home and another also signal foundation weakness and that your foundation needs repair.

 If you are unsure whether cracking in your concrete foundation indicates a serious issue, guidance about signs of instability can be found through local housing codes.

  Cantsink experts can examine such signs and determine if a home’s foundation needs the added support of its permanent, underground helical piers. Simply filling cracks with mortar or cement won’t restore stability. With support from Cantsink’s ICC-certified helical piers, however, foundation settling is halted for the life of the home.

  A homeowner doesn’t always know what might be occurring below the weight of foundation concrete until the signs of distress appear. The presence of improperly compacted backfill soils under the house, for example, can create conditions that ultimately undermine the foundation. Homes close to bodies of water such as lakes, streams or rivers also are at high risk because of higher soil moisture content.

  Finally, tree roots can create unseen problems under a concrete foundation, either by growth and extension of a healthy tree’s root system or the biodegradation of roots from a tree that died or was cut down.

  Once signs of distress become obvious, steps should be taken right away to stabilize your concrete foundation. Left unaddressed, these conditions can dangerously compromise your home’s stability.

  Fortunately, a lasting, cost-effective solution is available to restore your concrete foundation to solid footing and reestablish your home’s fundamental soundness. Cantsink’s patented helical piers provide renewed stability in any soil or weather conditions.

  With one call or click, Cantsink will schedule an on-site visit from one of our experts to assess the damage and begin the process of creating a customized solution. In the business of foundation stabilization since 1988, Cantsink provides engineered support that can be installed in a matter of days with minimal disruption to landscaping to determine whether or not your foundation needs repair.

     Trusted and endorsed by building professionals who know its record for foundation repair, Cantsink uses underground supports that level and stabilize homes of every age and size with customized solutions.  Cantsink helical piers are environmentally friendly and add no significant weight to the home’s footprint.

  Homeowners’ peace of mind comes with knowing their investment in their house is protected from shifting soil conditions that cause concrete foundations to sink. For many people, their home is the largest financial commitment they will ever make. Foundation repairs from Cantsink ensure that they will be able to enjoy that investment for decades.


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