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My House is Settling

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My House is Settling

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At first the signs may have seemed innocuous: floors that felt oddly uneven, tiny cracks in foundation cement and interior drywall, or doors that stick and are racked unevenly in the frame. Then, the cracks got bigger and more cracks appeared, or windows wouldn’t open all the way. Finally, you noticed water seeping under the house from the widening foundation cracks and realized: My house is settling.

  Maybe the problems came on slowly, or appeared suddenly in the wake of a rainy season.   Any number of factors can cause a home’s foundation to settle and crack, and a homeowner can’t always know when those conditions are present.

  The presence of improperly compacted backfill soils under the house, for example, can create conditions that undermine the foundation. Homes close to bodies of water such as lakes, streams or rivers also are at high risk because of higher moisture content in the soil. Water patterns that builders may not have foreseen during construction could wash away protective layers of soil around or under the house allowing intrusion that

residential foundation new construction alpharetta cantsink

causes the foundation to sink and you may notice your house is settling.

  Finally, tree roots can silently create problems under a foundation, either by growth and extension of a healthy tree’s root system under the home or the biodegradation of a root system from a tree that died or was cut down.

  The important thing to know is you can stop the sinking and restore the house to structural alignment for good with just one call to Cantsink.

  Cantsink’s friendly experts will come to your house and assess the damage. With an inspection of the property and strategic soil samples, they can identify the trouble spots and recommend a permanent, cost-effective solution.

  Working with our engineers, Cantsink experts can devise a concrete lifting plan using our patented helical piles that will stabilize the foundation and keep it sound for decades. Cantsink’s ICC-certified helical piles are bored with minimal disruption to landscaping into the ground below your foundation’s weak spots to lift and secure it.

  Because these piles are made of steel, they are impervious to moisture and withstand any climate or soil conditions that arise. Please note that Cantsink does not perform anti-moisture sealing inside the foundation itself. Best of all, Cantsink’s solid underpinning is virtually impossible to detect once installed.

  Trusted and endorsed by building professionals who know its long record for lasting foundation repair, Cantsink can level and stabilize homes of every age and size. Its customized solutions use no chemicals and add no significant weight to the home’s footprint. Cantsink protects property value with easy, economical repairs guaranteed to last and prevent your house from settling.

  If you suspect your house is sinking, don’t wait until the damage is undeniable. One call to Cantsink can pinpoint problems, create a permanent, cost-effective solution and get the installation done within a week, once the analysis and engineering are complete. When answers are that easy, there‚Äôs no reason to wait.