Produced in our environmentally friendly, net-zero carbon manufacturing facility in the USA.

Cantsink is the world’s leading manufacturer of helical piers and foundation engineering tools for engineers, architects, and contractors. We are able to apply 30 years of experience in the foundation industry into manufacturing the best quality products for structural stability. Our products can be used in any type of soil conditions, and provide a long-lasting hold for your project. The environment is also extremely important to us, so all of our products are produced in a net-zero carbon facility, powered by solar energy, in the United States.

Among the available products at Cantsink, we carry a wide variety of ICC-certified pipe piles and round corner square shaft piles.

Pipe Piles

The pipe piles manufactured at our facility in Georgia are round shaft helical piles that can be ordered in customized lengths. They also have the ability to be attached to an extension, and can withstand 6,000 ft-lb of torque.

Round Corner Square Shaft

Cantsink has a variety of lengths and helix sizes of round corner solid bar grade helical piles available. These can be attached to an extension with one bolt, and have a torque strength rating of 6,700 ft-lb.

All of Cantsink’s patented products are made from 100 % U.S. steel and are certified by the International Code Council (ICC). Due to a recent 60,000 s.f. expansion of our plant, we are able to quickly turn around orders for our products in an efficient and affordable manner. Our experienced staff works with architects and engineers on specific project details to design the best foundation support solution for each application.

Check out the individual product pages for more details on our offerings, and contact us for more information, questions, or for a quote on your project. Cantsink’s helical piers and foundation engineering tools are top quality products and competitively priced for your application.

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