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Technical Resources


Cantsink Technical

Cantsink has a reputation worldwide for producing the best foundation support products in the industry. Architects, contractors and engineers have come to trust us to start off their projects with the strongest foundation possible. Constructed in the United States from American made steel, our foundation support products for contractors and architects will keep your project on time and on budget with our quick turnaround time from order to production.

The team at Cantsink has decades of experience in the foundation stabilization industry. Our foundation support products for contractors and architects can be used in new construction, as well as for remedial support projects. We are proud of our environmentally friendly production process in our net-zero energy manufacturing facility.

Technical Resources

Our team at Cantsink has several technical resources available to our customers. We believe in sharing this information to make sure that our customers are well informed about the products we produce and the applications for which they are used. We have the following technical resources available:

Case Studies

These resources provide a wealth of information and highlight the various uses of our foundation support products for contractors and architects.
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Press Releases & Articles

We believe in spreading the message of environmentally responsible, durable, and efficient foundation products for both residential and commercial applications.
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There are also videos demonstrating the use of our products, and specification sheets with all the product information to help our customers in the building industry ensure they select the right product for their project.
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Spec Sheets

We feel that providing all of these resources is an advantage to our customers, and, as always, our engineers are ready and willing to answer any questions you may have.
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ICC Reports

We have also made the ICC helical pile report available so you can be thoroughly informed on the evaluation performed by the International Code Council.
ICC Helical Pile Report