The Lifespan of Helical Piles

In the realm of foundation support, helical piles (or helical piers or screw piles) are one of the best tools in the industry. These durable steel piers lend unmatched strength to a variety of applications, from new construction to remedial support for homes, commercial buildings, pool decks, stairs, utility stations, and more. One of the benefits helical piles are known for is their lasting durability, which can provide the contractor and the homeowner tremendous peace of mind. But what is the lifespan of helical piles? What level of staying power can we expect from these products?

There are several manufacturers of helical piles, and each one’s product may vary slightly in design and material. If you want the longest-lasting product, make sure you go with a manufacturer that you can trust, with patented technology, who uses 100% American steel in manufacturing their piles.

Generally, most contractors and helical pile designers will estimate a lifespan of approximately 150 years. There is a wide range of potential lifespans, estimated between 75 and 350 years, and the biggest factor determining the longevity of a helical pile is soil condition. How well a pier foundation ages typically comes down to factors that have nothing to do with the pier itself. While a well-designed, well-made helical pile may not last as long in very poor or volatile soils, it can last several lifetimes in ideal, stable soils.

Soil movement, both lateral and vertical, can affect the long-term outcome of a pier support system. In regions with significant ground movement, such as coastal areas, mountainous areas, and regions with fault lines, piers may wear faster. Additionally, areas with highly acidic, rocky, or quickly eroding soils may also contribute to more wear and tear.

An experienced, helical pile designer should be able to estimate the lifespan of their helical piles based on soil conditions and local climate. However, a good rule of thumb is 150 years in typical conditions.

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