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What Kind of Foundation Repair You’ll Need

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What Kind of Foundation Repair You’ll Need

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Foundation repair work is as individual as homes are, depending on many factors such as soil conditions, foundation materials and weight load distribution.

  Signs of foundation settling should be taken seriously. Foundation instability should be corrected as quickly as possible once detected. If a home’s foundation contains vertical cracks – especially those wider than ¼ “or showing signs of water seepage – a repair expert from Cantsink should be contacted to assess the damage and recommend a customized plan to stop the settlement. Other danger signs include sagging floors, doors and windows that tilt or won’t operate properly, and vertical cracks in drywall are signs you may be in need of foundation repair..

  Cantsink experts will come to the home and assess the conditions. With an inspection of the property, they can identify the trouble spots and recommend a permanent, cost-effective foundation repair solution.

  Once the foundation and its surrounding conditions have been evaluated, they work with staff engineers to devise a customized plan to stabilize the foundation. That plan will include a detailed scope of work and an estimate of the cost to return the home to long-lasting alignment using Cantsink’s patented helical piles for necessary foundation repair.

  Precisely engineered and easily installed, Cantsink helical piers offer homeowners lasting peace of mind. This durable support under a home’s foundation resists weather and geographic conditions such as rain-saturated ground, freezing winter temperatures and shifting soil conditions. All of these can wreck a home’s structural alignment and integrity if left unaddressed.

  Locally manufactured, cost-effective Cantsink helical piles are ICC-certified and provide proven, long-term protection. Installation is easy and virtually undetectable once completed. Because these piles are made of steel, they withstand any conditions that arise.

  Cantsink’s contract with a homeowner includes a detailed scope of work, liability provisions and a detailed description of our product warranty. Installation of Cantsink helical piers can be accomplished expeditiously once scheduled and cause minimal disruption to surrounding landscaping.

  Cantsink’s friendly experts stay in communication about the repairs from start to finish, consulting with the homeowner, explaining the process and answering any questions that arise during the course of the project.

  Once the lasting protection of Cantsink helical piers is in place to prevent further sinking, repairs to concrete, drywall and door and window frames should be addressed by the homeowner or the contractor of their choice. Cantsink does not provide these services.

  Cantsink has been in the business of stabilizing foundations since 1988. Because of its long history and strong portfolio of lasting product performance, the company has established relationships throughout Metro Atlanta’s builder and engineering communities, with a widely recognized reputation for excellence. Designers and builders throughout the region trust Cantsink for the kind of lasting quality a homeowner should expect for foundation repair.

  If your house is sinking, don’t wait until the damage is undeniable. One call or online click to connect with Cantsink can begin the process that will pinpoint problems, create a permanent, cost-effective solution and get the installation done. When answers are that easy, there’s no reason to wait. Trust Cantsink with your foundation repair.