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What to Expect from a Foundation Inspection

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What to Expect from a Foundation Inspection

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From the first call or click at the Cantsink Atlanta website, our friendly experts will answer your questions about your home’s foundation and schedule a site visit for a thorough analysis during your foundation inspection to determine your foundation stability.

  Homeowners who detect cracks in foundation cement, water seeping into basement areas or sagging floors and uneven door frames need answers a foundation inspection can provide about whether reinforcement is needed to prevent further damage.

  Foundation cracks wide enough to allow water to seep through are a clear sign of pending distress. Water intrusion not only erodes existing cracks, but can make unseen weaknesses worse, further undermining a home’s foundation.

  Other signs that a concrete foundation is unstable include eroded ground under the foundation or visible gaps between the foundation and the ground. Depressions or sinkholes under the home and discernable differences in ground height between one side of the home and another also signal foundation weakness.

   If you are unsure whether your concrete foundation is showing signs that indicate a serious issue, some basic guidance about foundation integrity can be found in local building codes.

  When additional support is needed, following a foundation inspection, Cantsink can create a lasting, cost-effective solution. We fabricate our products from high-quality, U.S.-made steel in our net-zero-energy manufacturing facility in Metro Atlanta. Cantsink helical piers have been verified through the stringent, independent testing process of the International Code Council, which develops safe, reliable building standards for construction in communities worldwide.

  Cantsink’s ICC-certified, patented, steel helical piers are manufactured supports installed below the ground surface to provide lasting underground reinforcement beneath foundations and other structures.

   Our steel piers are specially fabricated with a unique helix plate at the lower end of the 2 7/8” steel shaft that is easy to install and virtually undetectable once placed. Cantsink’s special design not only makes our helical piers 50 percent stronger than any other steel piers on the market, it also makes our process more environmentally responsible.

  Cantsink experts are trained and experienced in diagnosing and evaluating the signs of a sinking foundation. They can pinpoint problem areas and recommend customized, cost-effective solutions.

  Our expert will make a scheduled visit to your home for a detailed foundation inspection. This foundation inspection will include documenting topography and water conduit patterns as well as foundation crack assessment.

  With this information, Cantsink professionals can pinpoint problem areas, assess the extent of damage and forecast potential damage from further sinking or shifting. Then, Cantsink engineers can devise a discreet, cost-effective solution using our patented helical piles that will stabilize your foundation and prevent any future problems.

  Our products are custom-engineered and adaptable to a wide range of weather and soil conditions. Cantsink helical piers are ideal for stabilizing sinking, cracking foundations. Our products can be installed with minimal disruption to landscaping, are virtually undetectable once installed and protect property value for decades.

  Don’t wonder if your foundation needs added stability. Call or click for a Cantsink expert foundation inspection today.