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Cantsink Training

Installer Training

Free training for long-term success in foundation stabilization.

Helical Pile

One of our goals here at Cantsink is to ensure that everyone who uses our products knows how to install them correctly. 

We have designed all of our helical piers and helical piles to work with any application that your foundation engineering team may need. We design our products according to the specifications you need so, once you learn how to install them, it will be a breeze to get your project finished as efficiently and effectively as possible.

With a free two-day training session at Cantsink headquarters in Metro Atlanta, you can become a certified installer of Cantsink helical piles. Foundation engineers, installers, and construction professionals throughout the U.S. have completed our comprehensive certification training for proper installation of Cantsink's patented helical products. Sessions are offered quarterly. Our training sessions are designed to not only give you time in the classroom to learn, but also give you hands-on experience in the field. This will allow you the ability to be confident that you know what you are doing as soon as you leave the course.

Cantsink Installer Training Class

Meet Your Instructor
Andrew Carter

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Carter spent eight years as a construction claims adjuster before joining the management team at H&H Construction in 1995. H&H Construction, founded in 1989, eventually became Cantsink in 2002 when the company began manufacturing its own, unique helical piling system. He helped oversee the company's growth from three employees to almost 50 and expansion to providing products and services throughout the U.S. He became Cantsink's Atlanta Division Manager in 2008, overseeing all installation operations and the company's sales force. He led the company's launch of a new square-shaft product, the RPS acceptance for all ICC-certified products, and its widespread reputation for top-quality customer service. As Cantsink continued to grow, expanding its reach beyond Georgia, he assumed the role of Chief Operations Officer, focusing on new territories and market sectors for Cantsink's patented products. He is a 1987 graduate of the University of Georgia with a BBA in finance.
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Installer Training 

Class Time And

We want foundation engineers to have a broad understanding of our products, so we designed our installer training to be as comprehensive as possible. Large groups can schedule special sessions or request on-site training for a fee.

Class Time Plus Q&A With Instructors

Large groups can schedule special sessions or request on-site training for a fee.

Helical Pile Concepts & Definitions

This allows you to truly understand what you will be installing and why it is useful for your craft.

History / Background of Screw Piles

A brief overview of why our design is well suited for almost any project.

Theory & Design

Our piles and piers have been used around the globe.

Practical Applications

This part of the session will give you an overview of the variety of applications our products are used for.

Case Study

This will give you an understanding of projects where our products were used and the results.

What's Included in
Installer Training 

Our installer training is focused on ensuring that everyone who leaves after the two-day session understands the process of installation for our helical piers. 

  • Field observation of working crews*
  • Class time plus Q&A with instructors
  • PowerPoint presentations: Introduction to the Design of Helical Piles
  • Hands-on installation experience: We believe that this is the most valuable part of the training. While we can teach you everything you need to know in class, the best way to learn is by doing. This will give you the confidence you need to market yourself as a professional installer of Cantsink's products.
  • Marketing and product application materials and information
  • Testing for proficiency

* Weather permitting

Other Training & Events

Our team at Cantsink looks forward to assisting you in choosing the right product for your application and providing the free installation training to ensure you feel comfortable with the process. Contact our team today for details. With Cantsink’s unwavering commitment to quality and ICC-certified performance, this is why our helical piles are always the right choice:


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