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Cantsink Helical Piers Adapt Homes and Buildings to Extreme Weather Conditions

With the frequency of extreme weather making home elevation and foundation stability increasingly important, Cantsink will offer information on its cost-effective helical piers at the International Association of Structural Movers Convention, March 27-31 in the Embassy Suites by Hilton Dallas – DFW Airport North.

Storm and tidal surges, high winds, and soaking rains intensify natural surroundings in water-adjacent localities, requiring sound foundation elements resistant to the effects of punishing conditions. In the wake of devastating property loss from powerful storms, some U.S. states are updating their building codes to reflect the lessons learned from catastrophic weather, including increased elevation requirements. Cantsink offers a wide range of ICC-certified products that keep foundations stable in all types of soils and climates, and can be key to success in raising existing structures.

Learn more about Cantsink’s products and their remarkable versatility at its exhibit in Dallas. Cantsink offers installer certification training at its Metro Atlanta headquarters for no fee, with ongoing sales and marketing support for its installer network.

“Code requirements in some states may change as intense, prolonged storms… establish new precedents for flood potential. With more than 30 years of experience in foundation stability, Cantsink, with its patented helical piers, can be a key component in durable construction and remediation.”


Whether for remedial work following flooding or extreme weather, or as a preventive measure for structures in vulnerable locations, helical piers offer a cost-effective solution for lasting structural stability in any environment. Cantsink’s patented helical piers, made in Metro Atlanta from 100% U.S. steel, were used for remedial foundation repair during the Build It Back program in the Mid-Atlantic region devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

2018 set a national record for rainfall in the U.S. with particularly notable totals in many parts of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. Hurricane Florence contributed significantly to a total of 102 inches of rainfall in the area around the coastal city of Wilmington, NC. Flooding in that region caused as much as $50 billion in property damage. Flooding after heavy rains also created havoc in parts of Maryland last year, causing an estimated $22.4 million in property damage.

Atlanta, GA, experienced its second-highest rainfall total in 2018 with over 71 inches through the year. Hurricane Michael, which devastated the town of Mexico Beach, FL, also caused significant inland flooding with substantial damage across five states, including Georgia. Some Houston area businesses and homeowners took the preemptive step of elevating their structures ahead of Hurricane Harvey and subsequent new code requirements. These properties fared far better than their neighbors when Harvey dumped more than 60 inches of rain on coastal Texas in 2017.

After Harvey, many Houston area residents who formerly believed their properties were outside of storm threats and flood-prone areas have reconsidered their potential vulnerability. Code requirements in some states may change as intense, prolonged storms such as Harvey and Florence establish new precedents for flood potential. With more than 30 years of experience in foundation stability, Cantsink, with its patented helical piers, can be a key component in durable construction and remediation.

Find out more about the many structural applications Cantsink products provide. Visit the Cantsink exhibit in Dallas, March 27-31, or register for the event at the IASM website at http://www.iasm.org/convention-registration/.

Cantsink Shows Its All-American Pride at World of Concrete 2019 & New Regional Representative joins team at 30-year-old company

Atlanta, GA – Founded in 1988 in Atlanta, GA, Cantsink will display its red, white and true-blue colors in Booth #S13306 at the World of Concrete in the Las Vegas Convention Center, January 21-25, 2019.

  Made in the USA from 100 percent U.S. steel, Cantsink products are available throughout the nation. With support from a team of regional sales representatives, Cantsink offers free training for installers and ongoing support to its network of certified installers.

  This year, Kevin Spellacy joins other regional representatives on the Cantsink team to support customers with patented products and unsurpassed customer service in the Indiana market. Andrew Carter leads Cantsink’s national sales from its Atlanta headquarters. He also works in concert with Dara Macias, covering Tennessee and hurricane recovery areas of the Northeast, and Rick Pashman, covering Florida.

  Cantsink has been in the business of underground stabilization for 30 years, and manufactures certified helical piers ranging in size from eight inches to 19 inches. Whatever the soil or climate conditions, Cantsink offers cost-effective products to meet every construction application. Cantsink remains focused on helping customers with patented product design and long-established expertise in the helical market.

  Cantsink Founder and CEO Patrick Hutchinson said the company’s patented design is only one part of what separates its products from the competition.

  “Cantsink offers permanent stability, expertise amassed over three decades, and peace of mind with a 40-year manufacturer’s warranty, one of the industry’s best,” he said. “Cantsink’s ICC-certified products provide documented performance quality attesting to their design and fabrication integrity. And Cantsink charges installers no franchise fees, directly selling products made in Cantsink’s net-zero-energy facility to end users. Cantsink’s energy savings and the special shape of its helix, which reduces waste, helps keep prices low.”

  Contractors and construction professionals can receive free installation certification training at its Atlanta location. Client success is central to the company’s mission, which is why Cantsink provides ongoing lead generation, marketing support and in-depth industry knowledge. With the recent expansion of Cantsink’s manufacturing and storage facilities, the company is perfectly positioned to provide fast turn-around on orders, because customers’ project schedules are top priority. Supporting innovation for 30 years, these are the reasons Cantsink remains a structural stability leader.

  While learning more about Cantsink quality, innovation and customer service at Booth #13306, register for the drawing that will give away a portable Bluetooth speaker, or sign up online at https://www.cantsink.com/lp-world-of-concrete/ .