ICC Helical Pile Report

Cantsink is dedicated to providing you with all of the technical resources that you need to get your project done right. We are dedicated to making sure that all of our piles are completely up to the standards of any governmental regulations. This report will show you that our helical piles are completely up to code for all projects.

In additional to our extensive commercial projects, our piles are designed to help with the structural integrity of existing homes and create a solid foundation for new homes. They are designed to take tension loads and transfer that energy into the ground in order to create a better foundation. We believe that this technology helps both new and old homes, and this report proves that it is the right choice for any home project.

If you aren’t sure if your project will be able to utilize our products, contact your local government and provide them with this material. Our helical piles are widely trusted to help builders create the foundation that many homes need. This report shows all conditions in which our piles are suitable to be used. Please make sure to work with your designer to install them properly in accordance with all sections of this report.

If you have questions about any of the sections in this report, please contact the Cantsink office at (678) 280-7453 or info@cantsink.com. Our experienced service professionals will be glad to help in any way possible. We want to ensure that these piles are installed professionally and are up to code so that all project managers are happy with how the job turns out. Contact us today!