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Case Study

Ashland Park, Rome, GA


Two retaining walls on the north side of Ashland Park, a multifamily apartment complex in Rome, GA, needed repair and stabilization. Earlier disrepair had been remediated on the upper wall with a gabion basket wall design with facing.

More recently, however, the wire baskets in that design had rusted out due to the type of stone that was used and the wire basket facing was again crumbling and deteriorating. The lower wall, a vertical split-faced block wall, had fallen out of alignment.

Scope of Work

The installation team worked closely with engineers from The Foundation Firm to implement a lasting solution and design for the failing walls. For the gabion basket wall, the crews replaced the previous structure with 2.5-inch tie-back anchors, rebar grid, wire mesh and 12-inch shotcrete. For the block wall, vertical H piles were installed with Cantsink tie-back anchors with 12-inch helixes were installed for stabilization, preventing the wall from further movement.

Anchor System

Repairing and stabilizing the upper wall required 120 Cantsink tie-back anchors.

The lower wall was stabilized using 26 tie-backs with 12-inch helixes providing an anchor for the vertical H piles to secure and minimize future lateral movement.


Although the installation was expected to require 120 days to perform, the installation crews safely completed their work a full month ahead of schedule.

The walls are now permanently stabilized against moisture and the pressure of the soil behind them.

Using Cantsink helical tie-backs ensured that the walls will maintain structural efficiency for decades to come. No other method of tie-back support is more economical or faster to install.

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