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Case Study

Porch and Steps Lift Kennesaw Residence


A Kennesaw homeowner watched as cracks along the edge of his front porch and steps lengthened and widened over the course of just a few months. Realizing the problem was growing and would likely become serious over time, he called in experts to arrest the sinking and return these elements to permanent stability. On the recommendation of an engineer, Cantsink was called in to provide the solution. Although the homeowner had considered demolishing the steps, he ultimately decided to remediate them. The brick used to build the steps had been discontinued, so demolition would have required a non-matching brick for the rebuild. So, the homeowner opted to keep the steps intact.

Scope of Work

The two-story home sits atop a full, daylight basement enclosed by a 9.5-foot wall. To place the Cantsink underpinning assemblies to support each of the three porch columns, the crew excavated the area to the bottom of the basement wall. After the excavation, the crew installed patented Cantsink helical piles to a depth of 21 feet, where the desired pressure for full support was achieved. They attached underpinning brackets to the piles and secured them to the basement wall. To stabilize the steps, excavation was extended to expose a stoop arm extending from the basement wall below the steps. A helical extension, attached with a new construction bracket, was installed on each exterior front corner of the steps and secured between the stoop arm and the steps for stabilization.

Anchor System

Four underpinning assemblies, including 2.5-inch schedule 40 helical piles and underpinning brackets, plus two helical extensions, 2.5 inches in diameter, along with new construction brackets.


With the steps restored to alignment in the original, matching brick, the front of the house is restored to its intended allure and value. The stabilized porch offers the homeowner countless hours of outdoor relaxation and entertainment opportunities. He can be at ease knowing the porch will remain level and secure for as long as he owns the home, and that the structural stability is permanently assured.


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